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Dental Practice SEO +738% Organic Traffic in Just 6 Months

Short Introduction

Our client, a highly regarded dental practice based in Northern Ireland,, was facing SEO challenges in attracting organic traffic to their website. Despite offering an extensive range of high-quality services with the use of state-of-the-art equipment, the domain was getting little to no visibility in Google.

In September 2022, they engaged our services to improve their SEO performance and target the relevant audience. After working closely with our client and leveraging our SEO expertise, we were able to achieve outstanding results. In just 6 months, we were able to increase their targeted organic traffic by over 738%, surpassing our client’s expectations.

The exceptional results we achieved for our client were the outcome of our comprehensive SEO approach, which included tailored keyword research, technical optimisation, content production and a link building strategy. Our team left no stone unturned and optimised the website for both the search engines and user experience, resulting in a significant increase in patient acquisition.

Read on to learn about the specific steps we took and the impressive results we achieved.

October 2022 vs. March 2023 Traffic Growth

Short Summary

Let’s highlight some of our 6 month key achievements right here:

• +738.2% Organic Traffic Growth Per Month (170 Users → 1425 Users)
• +971.6% Total Keywords Growth (127 KW’s → 1361 KW’s)
• +3100% Targeted Keywords in Top 3 Rankings (1 KW → 32 KW’s)

Traffic Growth in Google Search Console

We’ve unveiled the exceptional achievements in the aforementioned case study; now, let’s explore the crucial elements that contributed to these extraordinary results.

Our clients are also pleased with the performance and service they have received!

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Masterful Keyword Research

Our journey began with comprehensive keyword research to pinpoint the most relevant and high-traffic search terms for’s niche. Armed with this data, we crafted a content plan tailored to target these keywords, ensuring that the website’s content would captivate the right audience and secure top positions in search engine results.

Part of the Keyword Research (Pre-Content Plan Analysis)

Cutting-Edge Technical SEO Strategy

To elevate’s technical SEO, we implemented the following optimizations:

Indexing the Blog Section – We removed the noindex directive from the blog section, granting search engines the ability to crawl and index the articles, thus making them visible in search engine results.

Optimizing Title Tags – We refined the website’s title tags, making them more natural and reflective of the page content, evading potential penalties from search engine algorithms.

Streamlining Redirects – We implemented a redirect from the non-www to the www version of the website, guaranteeing that users and search engines consistently land on the correct primary URL.

Enhancing H1 Header on the Homepage – We added an optimized H1 heading embedded with relevant keywords to the homepage, improving its accessibility to search engines and boosting its ranking potential.

Meta Descriptions – We incorporated optimized meta descriptions on key service pages, enriching their click-through rate and user experience.

Simplifying URLs – We revamped the website’s URL structure, making it more user-friendly and comprehensible for both users and search engines.

Google Business Profile Excellence – We optimized’s Google Business Profile by verifying that all information was precise, current, and consistent with the website. Consequently,’s local search presence flourished, driving more traffic and increasing visibility in the local area.

Live Chat Integration – To elevate user experience and engagement, we implemented a live chat feature on the website. This allowed to offer real-time support and address questions from potential clients, enhancing the likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

Content Strategy

In order to highlight the client’s extensive expertise and authority in facial Aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry industries, we enriched the content section of Collaborating closely with the client, we optimized the service pages for relevant keywords, guaranteeing maximum visibility on search engine results pages.

Furthermore, we produced fresh, enthralling blog content that added value to the site while adhering to SEO best practices. By leveraging the client’s knowledge and our proficiency in search engine optimization, we crafted content that resonated with the target audience and accelerated organic traffic to the site.

Each Article is Thoroughly Research and Based on the Content Plan:

Link Building Strategy

Finally, we executed a tactical link building campaign, acquiring high-quality external links from reputable sources. These links contributed to increasing the website’s domain authority, further propelling its search engine rankings and driving even more organic traffic.

Some of the links built for the domain by our team.


Through a holistic approach that addressed critical technical SEO issues, refined the content strategy, and built a robust link profile, we achieved remarkable results for our client, In just six months, we increased the website’s organic traffic by over 738%, surpassing their initial goals and demonstrating the power of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

While we are proud of the significant gains we’ve achieved so far, our work is far from over. As trusted partners of the domain owner, we remain committed to providing ongoing support and guidance, leveraging our expertise in the dynamic SEO industry to sustain the website’s first-page ranking and drive continued growth.

We received a glowing 5-star testimonial from the client, which they left on our Google profile, expressing their satisfaction with the SEO services we provided.

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